and Welcome to my online portfolio.

   I discovered I was gifted at drawing at a very young age.  Being detail oriented by nature, a lot of my drawings were of buildings, or of faces, wrinkled with age.  I used photographs and drew mainly with charcoal and sometimes colored pencil.  

   Once I discovered the beauty of oil painting, I was hooked.  I love everything about oil painting; the canvases, the boards, the easels, the palettes, the tubes of oil color, just the act of holding the brushes, yes, and even the smell of it all. (No, I don't sniff it and my rooms are well ventilated.)  But even a completed painting has 'that smell' that says it's a real oil painting. And I love it. 

   My earlier oil paintings were reminiscent of my drawings.  They usually included architecture, (I love stone, whether to paint or in real life), and were very detailed.   But more recently, I've been exploring a looser style while doing plein air painting.  Just the act of plein air painting necessitates a looser, more spontaneous style, which is visibly evident in the completed painting.  It's a whole new adventure for me to paint with a wet-on-wet technique as opposed to painting in layers over previously dried paint applications. 


Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.